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My Knowledge and Learning Context – London

“But then that’s the thing about London. It does a lot of things supremely well and gets hardly any credit for it. So let me say right here, I think London is the best city in the whole world.” (Bryson 1995, p.77 )

London is one of the most amazing cities to live in. It is a great place to think and learn. It has a population of 8.5 million which represents 12.5% of the total UK population. The population of London is larger than the populations of Scotland and Wales put together. Amazingly, there are 14 million visitors to London each year (Judah, 2016).

Architects Mark Brearley and Adam Towle have produced a London localities map that sees London as a “City of Villages” (Bosetti and Colthorpe 2018). There are over 700 of these. There are 300 languages spoken in London with about 50% of the population, non-white, Asian and African. Sixty per cent of the people in London are under 40 years of age, and there are 43 universities and many of the world’s leading teaching hospitals (Judah, 2016).

All Roads

When I contemplate this, having lived in London for approximately 20 years, I am continually amazed by the life of London. I was chatting with a man who takes care of horse in the Wirral, in the North West England, yesterday. He said to me that he had moved out of Covent Garden in London to become a lorry driver living in the North West. He said he wanted to live a less stressful life! However, he appreciated the wonder, vibrancy, interest and sheer level of activity of London and he said that he thought it should be a separate country in itself. I don’t know about that. However, I do know it is a wonderful place of diversity, history and creative endeavour that has incredible potential for living and learning, in whatever sphere you may wish to explore!


This blog is an area where I articulate some knowledge, learning and personal development from my experience and thinking over the years. I hope you find it helpful!

Dr Peter Sharp 20th November 2018


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